An Italian gynecologist was actually caught in a televised undercover sting offering to cure an individual of malignant tumors in return for intercourse. Dr. Giovanni Miniello, 60, is nicknamed ‘Dr. Magic Flute’ considering their supplying of a «gender remedy» or patients, but he is today already been compelled to resign after he was caught on digital camera by Italian TV show

Le Iene


Un ginecologo molto famoso racconta che fare l’amore con lui fa scomparire i rischi di Papilloma virus age tumore. Guardate cosa abbiamo scoperto con
age l’aiuto di una complice

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November 16, 2021

  1. Women target arrived ahead using the accusations.

    Le Iene chose to stage the undercover sting after a 33-year-old woman arrived ahead with many unpleasant accusations about Miniello. She said that she consulted with him after attempting and failing continually to have a baby. Despite a negative pap smear test, Miniello informed her that she had HPV, a sexually-transmitted infection that may cause malignant tumors. He then
    agreed to «treat» the woman with intercourse, informing their: «i’ve stored lots of women from cancer. Those I’ve had contact with were unfavorable afterwards.»

  2. Miniello made some pretty ludicrous promises.

    As well as claiming that intercourse with him would cure cancer tumors, he told the actress chosen by Le Iene that having sexual intercourse with some one like him will give the woman alike immunity as inoculation. Then agreed to see if the guy could immunize the girl via gender.

  3. The celebrity exactly who found with Miniello deserves an award.

    She decided to fulfill him at a resort, where he again promised that sex with him would mean she’d stay free of the herpes virus. At some point, he shared with her that utilizing a condom ended up being pointless since if they used one, she’dn’t obtain the antibodies he had been trying to transfer to the girl.

  4. Thankfully, a reporter popped in before circumstances might get also beyond control.

    When he had been half-naked and ready to get right down to business, a reporter for tv series came in. Miniello didn’t policeman to everything, however, saying: «i am achieving this for my personal researches, and also for the other individuals that We have saved.» His attorney later on circulated an announcement on his behalf, claiming: «we, that successfully addressed countless females for more than forty years… just suggested an alternate therapy which has yielded results.»

  5. The broadcast motivated various other subjects in the future forward.

    Miniello, which applied at a surgical procedure during the city of Bari, is accused by 15 some other women who arrived onward after witnessing the pain on television. People say these people were additionally sufferers of Miniello along with his wonder intercourse treatment through the years. Marika Massara, the organizer your Anti-Violence center in Bari, said: «we’ve obtained several reports within the last couple of days, dozens. Women that have come collectively and been through a comparable scenario. Some consider revealing it, others are scared, in addition considering that the degree of second victimization the audience is witnessing is extremely high.»

Individuals prosecutor in Bari has actually allegedly opened an investigation.

Italian medical practitioner, Giovanni Miniello resigns after he is caught half-naked in an accommodation with a lady ‘patient’ (pictures) –

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November 26, 2021

teacher Giovanni Miniello

titolo: sborrologo anale per vaccinazione umana anti hpv

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November 17, 2021